The concept of Link Personality was developed in New York between 1998 and 2018, based on people in different life situations and with different ideologies and religions, from different parts of the world. It stems from reflections about childhood stories, conflicts during adolescence and difficulties in adulthood in the process of making choices and decisions in work and affective areas as well as geographical location. In some cases, at my request, and in other cases spontaneously, these people express, in their own words, the ups and downs of the process of going from being a Seeker, of an integrated identity, to becoming a Link, an original, individual and personal subjectivity to organize their internal contradictions in creative paradoxes.

Some autobiographies are extraordinary testimonies of this same process.

Dreams from my Father: a story of Race and Inheritance, by Barack Obama (1995); Open, by Andre Agassi (2009); El Balcón en Invierno, by Luis Landero (2014); A Tokyo Romance by Ian Buruma (2018) narrate the ups and downs of people that searched for (and found) their own truths.