Accepting the Seeker in me

Ivana, wanderer, generalist, but above all teacher, wrote this testimonial:

I am a cancer, I am told again and again I am built for roots, motherhood, home but I do not seem to fit in that description, yet I feel deep in my guts I am that way. I am like a plant with floating roots, a turtle with a mobile house on its back. It was hard for me to understand that I had to redefine the concepts of my cancer sign in order to survive.

I keep careful care of my social net, luckily it is flexible and stretches to the end of the earth where I go. I build good deep one-on-one friendships, groups are not for me.

I am active and motivated. I always change, I welcome change, but I desire quiet stability. Change motivates me, I think life well lived requires constant change thus, constant learning, constant adaptation, constant living until the end.

I am good at many things; I have many talents which makes short introductions impossible. Generalist someone said, but the rest of the world looks for a word that will allow them to know you immediately and the word generalist does not do the trick.

Maybe seeker suits me better, gives me peace as movement and being eager for the unknown keep me alive and smiling. When I learnt this concept, I took a deep breath.

Once, a lifetime ago, I left my home, my family, my lover, my city, my country, looking for something. During my journey I noticed that the journey excited me more than the destination. I felt that my place was yet to be found, the person to share my life with yet to be met. Silly me, I did not know myself yet

It took a lot of courage, time and an open mind to understand the seeker concept, to accept that it was okay to feel the way I did, that I was not alone and that I did not need to fit in.