Of Love and its Fears, Poem by Rodolfo Bohoslavsky

For Susana with love (and fear)

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

September 1976

From what I know,

Little or much,

Of love

I offer you

-you asked me to-

Three keys to think about

Three challenges,

Three enigmas to face:

First, calling:

Do I wish or not? (DO I WANT OR NOT)

What do I wish to want? (WHAT DO I WANT TO WISH)

Do I wish to want? (DO I WANT TO WISH)


What do I want? (WHAT DO I WISH)

My choice, first.

Then, the difference

Conscious or unconscious


Of what makes me Alike and different

In spite of sweet harmonies

Tolerate the cut


Third, loneliness,

That void

Which I hope to fill,


To openly face The cruelty

Of being without being.

Without being, to become.



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