We are going through a time of emotional exhaustion due to uncertainties, fears, confinements, the lack of daily human contact, political, ideological and emotional polarizations.

Our most immediate resources to survive this traumatic situation that continues over time, (and we don’t know when it’ll end) are: appealing to the exaltation of emotions, which makes us feel alive, in control, in anger or despair strong enough for “someone” (the virus, the people closet to us, the government, God, o something with miraculous powers to “save” us) to hear us, or give up on everything, and anesthetize ourselves enough to not feel anything, and play the sleeping beauty who’ll wake up with the kiss of the enchanted prince when all danger has passed.

It’s easier said than done, but what will help most cope with this moment is to be attentive to our most immediate needs to calm the fears that are possible to calm, because we can locate the fears and take measures to take care of ourselves, and to embrace ourselves and/or ask someone trustworthy to embrace us in the face of the fears caused by the dangers we can’t control, giving us the relief of feeling loved, accompanied, understood, in this deep existential unease.