Faced with the enormous amount of stimuli with which they’ve bombarded us from outside since the coronavirus pandemic began, alerting us to the dangers, consequences, news, uncertainties, our reaction to these stimuli vary depending on the person, the moment or the emotional circumstances.

The etymology of the words teaches us that the particle "tion/sion" refers to performing an action.

The particle “ob” refers to a time: before.

The particle “di” indicates division.

The particle “at” (latin “ad”) indicates direction: towards.

We can play with the words to try to understand what action is being carried out. 

When we are obsessed with protecting ourselves from the infection, when we can only think about the dangers, the threats, the negative consequences that the news informs us about, and be at the mercy of the emotions that these thoughts produce in us, we are executing an action that comes from BEFORE—from the beliefs that we elaborate from what we think we know.

When we get distracted, and we decide to ignore the external, realistic or alarmist news, and because we do not want to be taken over by them, we decide to be free and separate ourselves (DIVIDE OURSELVES) from that reality.

When we can trust that there is a future, we can act by directing ourselves TOWARDS a way of existing that respects the integrity of our being and focus our attention on the totality of the situation, starting from focusing on our emotions, naming them, embracing them, understanding them.

And calm ourselves down without anesthetizing ourselves.