Common sense

Common sense seems to have fallen into disuse for some time now. Lockdown and pandemic exaggerated its banishment from everyday language.

Conversations on any topic, in almost any context quickly turn into arguments that are organized from someone who maintains: “it’s like this, and you have to do such and such” and someone who responds: “it’s not like that, and I’ll do what I want”.

They seem like arguments that support the (arbitrary) truth of DUTY and the (arbitrary) truth of WANTING. Orders vs. Wishes. 

One of the best definitions of common sense is the ability to see things as they are and do what must be done faced with that reality as it is (confirmed by reliable data). Ability that is shared by most people who use the ability to observe, to perceive reality through the senses without passing what is observed through the glass of ideologies, opinions, preconceptions, personal desires or aversions, I like it or I don’t like it. personales, me gusta o no me gusta.

Common sense, shared equanimity, is one of the most necessary human activities at this moment of fractures and polarizations that only plunge us further into the black holes of uncertainty.