Pessimists always think what can go wrong.

Optimists always think what can go right. 

These are two different ways to take care of oneself. 

Pessimists only trust that, if they are always on the defensive, permanently on guard, without enjoying the accomplishments “in case they get lost”, they will be safe.

Optimists trust the “universe conspires in their favor” and that life will bring opportunities and tools that will help them always be safe.

Pessimists think that optimists are naïve and irresponsible.

Optimists think that pessimists are negative and controlling.

These are simply two ways of living: pessimists trying to escape death, which is always lying in wait, optimists betting that life is forever.  

Trust is what sustains us while life exists. Trust in ourselves, trust in the “trustworthy” environment that we knew how to find and create. Trust that life itself brings the tools to create more life, and make it flourish and continue beyond our times.