Have you noticed how many times powerful, very creative, successful people go through devasting falls, unimaginable bankruptcies or disastrous mistakes?

I believe the problem comes from acting power from an individualistic place, believing that one is born knowing, that one’s creations are individual, the product of one’s own creativity or intelligence.

Not having containment parameters, disciplinary rules to respect, social, cultural, historic contexts where each individual creation is generated leads us to think that we are (like they say in Mexico) “Tarzan’s mom”. This is, that we can do everything, that we’ll be able to do everything. Ergo, we fall from the line of power to the area of omnipotence where the famous Peter Pan principle is fulfilled, which says that when people grow thanks to our abilities, but without taking into account that for other tasks other abilities are needed, or without taking into account the contexts where the scenarios of change take place, we reach our maximum level of incompetence. In other words, badly used power has a rapid journey that goes from arrogant omnipotence to humiliated impotence.